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The Foundation is co-created by the artistic duo - Barbara Małecka (set designer) and Alicja Morawska-Rubczak (director), who have been producing performances and installations aimed at the youngest children and their closest adults for almost 10 years. The artists’ productions have been awarded and shown worldwide - including in Singapore, China, Italy, Ireland, Romania and Germany. Together with the Foundation, they have also realized several foreign co-productions (Japan, Norway). They work in institutional theatres (puppet and dramatic) and with an independent collective of performers, dancers, and musicians. Here you can learn about their most important productions and start artistic cooperation. 

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Whispers from the Woods

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The performance is an invitation to listen to the stories that the forest wants to tell us. In a poetic way - on the level of word, sound and image - it invites spectators to get to know the richness of the world of trees and their inhabitants.

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The performance is inspired by the world-renowned children's books about the little garden elephant Pomelo, written by Ramona Badescu and illustrated by Benjamin Chaud. The stories are intelligent, filled with humor and philosophical questions for the youngest children.



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Dancers and instrumentalists take viewers for a journey to search for materiality together, in what is so fleeting. They invite the air to be touched, felt, listened... 

Tiny huge journey (fot. M. Glogowska-Opyd).jpg

Den Lille Store Reisen

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A big balloon, flying high into the sky, higher and higher to the moon and stars. Together with the tiny kiwi bird, both children and adults go on an adventure in a hot air balloon, making the dream of flying come true. 

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A relationship - me, you and us - family, a piece of each inside another. Very close to each other - step by step discovering the world. We are getting closer and closer. How many secrets we need to discover?


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+48 661 282 638 

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