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Sztuka Szuka Malucha Poznan 2017 (fot. M

The International Festival of Art for the Early Years SZTUKA SZUKA MALUCHA

The International Festival of Art for Early Years SZTUKA SZUKA MALUCHA is the first event in Poland on such a large scale, created for children aged 0-5 and the adults close to them. The Sztuka Szuka Malucha project was initiated by the Children's Art Centre ( in Poznań in 2006. In 2014-2019, the Festival was organized jointly by the Art Fraction Foundation and the Children's Art Centre in Poznań, while the 14th and 15th editions were organized by the Art Fraction Foundation.


As part of the Festival, families with very young children are invited to explore creatively. Believing in the possibilities of the artists’ creative meetings with children, every year we prepare a series of workshops and get-togethers, and we invite the most interesting productions from Poland and abroad to Poznań - theatre, dance, form theatre, installations - addressed mainly to children up to five years old. We want to expand the cognitive boundaries of our recipients, give them new artistic experiences, create conditions for deepening relationships and creative development. Our activities derive their potential from the careful observation of viewers. It’s always been our goal to provide our audience with beautiful experiences, and create conditions for deepening relationships - with the world, with loved ones, with ourselves. ​


In 2021, the Festival had its 15th jubilee edition. To celebrate it, we organized the concert entitled "Potupajki and Dopoduszki" and a festive thanks to those who contributed to the initiation of this event. 


The symbolic culmination of the anniversary celebrations was the awarding of the "Valeria Frabetti Award" to Zbigniew Rudziński - the founder, initiator, and good spirit of the Festival. This most prestigious European award for people whose activities had a significant impact on the development of art for the youngest was awarded to Zbigniew Rudziński on October 23, 2021, by the La Baracca Theatre in Bologna. The award gala was hosted by Roberto Frabetti - one of the most important figures in the initiation theatre in the world, the winner himself also gave a speech, and the laudation devoted to him was given by Barbara Małecka and Paweł Gałkowski from Poznań’s Art Fraction Foundation. Apart from Rudziński, awards were also given to Wolfgang Schneider and Marina Manferrari.

The award is an expression of recognition for the enormous influence that Zbigniew Rudziński had on initiating, promoting, and developing the theatre for the youngest in Poland. This trend owes its name to him, but most of all - it is thanks to his faith, perseverance, and openness that the activities initiated in Poznań gained importance, becoming an important field of art, gaining popularity throughout the country. In 2006, Zbigniew Rudziński invited Valeria and Roberto Frabetti to share their outstanding work and present the first performances for young children to the Polish audience, which became the starting point for many initiatives, the most important of which is "Sztuka Szuka Malucha". Over the last 15 years of its existence, this festival has gained the rank of an international event of high artistic value, appreciated not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe.

The awards gala can be viewed here:

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