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Songs for children from 0 to 5 years old and their closest adults.

“POTUPAJKI & DOPODUSZKI” are songs for the different moods of young children and their adult relatives. Piotr Klimek and Iwona Skwarek composed beautiful music to the brilliant lyrics of Malina Prześluga and Konrad Dworakowski. The songs were sung by exceptional singers with extraordinary sensitivity. The POTUPAJKI collection consists of compositions that reinvigorate fun and play, perfect for dancing and jumping, while DOPODUSZKI, next to the lullabies, are calming songs that facilitate concentration. 

You can listen to the music online by clicking HERE or by ordering our CD HERE. Our offer also includes a unique concert with live music, during which you will hear our POTUPAJKI and DOPODUSZKI performed on the stage. We are happy to prepare a special offer for this event. 

Our foundation has been creating and presenting valuable art for the youngest for over ten years. We have always dreamed of an original music collection. The idea took real shape in 2020, when we were looking for a way to meet our viewers in the difficult moments of pandemic isolation. We uploaded the songs on the Internet so that everyone could easily access them. The project was very enthusiastically received. 2021 brought us moments of a breather and allowed us to experience POTUPAJKI and DOPODUSZKI live and to expand the collection with new songs. We are giving you an album that - we hope - will enrich the collection of your family's favourite sounds. We also encourage you to visit the website, where you will find even more songs! Much of the music material was created during the highest pandemic restrictions. We worked remotely, discovering new paths and opportunities, believing that what we do can make it easier for many families to find themselves in a new reality. We would like to thank the artists and all the people who contributed to this project: for their trust, openness, and great commitment. 

(Barbara Małecka, Alicja Morawska-Rubczak and Mateusz Okonek / Art Fraction Foundation)



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Piotr Klimek and Iwona Skwarek



Malina Prześluga and Konrad Dworakowski

Singers: Iwona Skwarek, Malina Prześluga, Julianna Dorosz, Anna Stela, Maria Dąbrowska, Aleksandra Leszczyńska, Jola Szczepaniak, Karolina Martin, Kuba Kawalec, Przemysław Lembicz, Marcel Górnicki

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