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Tiny huge journey (fot. M. Glogowska-Opy

Traveling Performances

The regional projects carried out by the Art Fraction Foundation are a touring kind of international art festival for young children. It is a series of events launched in 2015 out of a strong conviction about the need to provide access to a high-quality cultural offer for the youngest children who live in towns away from large cities. The beginnings of our activities in this area are associated with tours around Greater Poland, carried out as part of the "Kultura Dostępna" [Accessible Culture] Program of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. We visited 15 towns. Since then, every year we present performances and organize workshops in places away from large cultural centres, extending our field of influence to other provinces. ​ 

Currently, thanks to the support of the Marshal's Office of the Greater Poland Province, we reach the audiences of even the smallest towns (including rural villages!). We believe that the idea of meeting audiences in their place of residence has great power, so in 2021 we joined the SPARSE Network - an international network of organizations involved in theatre tours around the villages.

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