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Frajda Granda Bzik- Kolekttacz- Art Fraction Foundation- fot. D. Majewski (2).jpg

age group: 0-3 years, duration: 30 minutes

Produced by Children's Art Centre (Poznań, POLAND)

Director: Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

Scenography: Barbara Małecka

Music: Wacław Zimpel

Paintings: Władysław Radziwiłłowicz

Calligraphy: Małgosia Małecka HELLO Calligraphy 

Cast: Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska, Filip Meyer-Lüters

Producer: Wojciech Nowak


Frajda Granda Bzik- Kolekttacz- Art Fraction Foundation- fot. D. Majewski (2).jpg

Performance for children from 2,5 years of age and their parents

Concept/Choreography/Performance: Kolekttacz

Choreography collaboration: Iza Chlewinska

Music: Hania Rani

Costumes: Olga Strizhniova

ProductionArt Fraction Foundation


Kolekttacz founded by Paulina Giwer-Kowalewska, Aniela Kokosza and Agnieszka Dubilewicz, was established in March 2020, out of the need for their collective creation

Their work is base on tools derived from contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and somatic movement of work the body. They collaborate with choreographer and researcher Iza Chlewinska

Performance is a meeting: natural, free, open, inclusive, sensitive. Relationships, closeness, community, family - how can we experience them? Diversity, surprises, misunderstandings, fun, breakdowns, quarrels, and craziness! We are all different, each of us carries a different story. We meet, we wait for each other, we move away. We are like colorful balls thrown into a box - we crowd, roll side by side, collide, tip over and cause explosions. We experiment, grow, get to know ourselves while being together, connected by an invisible network of feelings and thoughts. Isn’t it difficult for us at times? Of course! After all, everyone crosses their limits, stumbles, sometimes even makes a fuss!

While performing, we look for special energy that gives freedom, focus and especially: joy.
We provoke, create and observe relationships - also between ourselves. The performance focuses on the perception of otherness, which is extremely interesting to us. Seeing differences, reacting to them, accepting them. This interaction is improvised and not programmed in advance. We would like to emphasize the importance of contact with oneself and of collective action in the community.

INTIBAG sensory objects created by Iza Chlewińska and Tomek Bergman play a special role in the performance.

While working with consciousness, the body fuses with what the head is engaged with. By communicating with the world through movement we can cleanse the body memory of trauma, learning to accept ourselves and the presence of the "here and now". INTIBAG sensory objects used in the therapy of sensation disorders can be an ideal tool for fusing the body with its environment. INTIBAG  helps organize sensory impressions from the world around us.

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